My name is Kevin Langdon. I live in the woods outside Milton, Pennsylvania with my wife and three boys. I like to build stuff, most times it is virtual stuff. Below are some short descriptions of key projects I have been a part of.

If you are interested in contacting me, email 'kevin' at this domain.
Megan and I launched Floating Maps in July of 2022. We are very excited about the future potential of this augmented reality technology built on top of beautiful art prints of your favorite place.
A mobile development studio in downtown Milton. Andrew, Bryan, and I work with partners to bring their ideas in Social, Utilities, and Gaming to the Android and iOS platforms.
Without question the most significant investment I have ever made is in Megan and our son's. Below are some links to follow along on our adventures:
We brought the Gameball to market in late 2017. It is now available at every Apple store across 54 countries! It has been a wild ride, check it out!
KJE Holdings
A real estate management and investment company started with Eric and Jeff. We now own 4 commercial, 1 industrial, and 7 residential units.
We found ways for technology to drastically reduce re-admissions in hospitals. Right Care Solutions acquired AirCare in early 2015.
Mid 2011 I decided to build my own house. Not just be my own general contractor, but literally build my own house. It is becoming one of my most fulfilling projects to date and probably the only one that will still be around in 20 years.
This was one of my most exciting projects. My cousin, Andrew Brown, and I started oob in late 2006. We grew it to be the largest online golf score tracking system and a golf community that was competitive with some very large media companies. We sold oobgolf to SkyGolf in late 2009. I stayed on at SkyGolf for a year to build the SkyGolf and oobgolf iPhone and Android apps.
I started creating this tool to fill a need to see Flash Remoting traffic in clear text. It is now becoming a broader all-purpose HTTP proxy that is very helpful in any client rich development. It now has over 10,000 users.
Megan and I moved to Boston to help Jeremy Allaire and a team of about 10 start Brightcove. Brightcove is a venture-backed startup hoping to change the way consumers and rights owners exchange media. Brightcove went public in early 2012.
Yep, the computer geek bought some big trucks. Eric, Jeff and I grew the company to a fleet of 10 operating in both Pennsylvania and Ohio before selling to some of the drivers. For a few months I had to put all software development on hold and run dispatch 24/7.
thinjoy is a web application designed to help users lose and maintain weight. The most exciting part about this project was that I did it with both of my brothers, David and Bryan. We launched the site in early 2008.
Launched in late 2007, Naugle Group is the only recruiting firm focused 100% on Rich Internet Application development. I started this company with my cousin, Andrew Brown.
Built system for Miramax Films to rent out their film library on facebook, Google TV, and iPad apps.
I worked with Universal Mind and Mapquest to develop the first Actionscript 3 mapping APIs. This was a pretty fun project with some really cool technology. I am excited to see what others build with it. My first sample app was the course finder at oobgolf.
I worked with five other individuals to build this company. Three of us met at Comcast. The idea is pretty simple, replace current traditional advertising like posters, illuminated signs, and even billboards with flat panel television screens. This creates a network of rich media displays that can be changing content all the time. The focus is on building the software that enables the content creation and scheduling as well as the sign management.
I was a volunteer and board member for Circle Thrift. It was an exciting project to see develop. We purchased a building in November of 2003. After major renovation the store opened for business in mid April of 2004. The team continues to spend countless hours working together to make the store a self-sustaining blessing to its customers and supporters. I was forced to learn all kinds of new things about retail, non-profits, construction, and even love. Sadly when Megan and I moved to Boston from Philly, we had to stop playing an active role at Circle Thrift.
Mark Heid is a good friend and an incredible painter. We combined our different talents to create this website. For the most part it is an experiment in branding and viral marketing.
I started working at Comcast in early 2002 and continued to develop the website at comcast.net until I left in 2004. The experience was an exciting one as I was able to manage the entire engineering for a site that maintained 2 million hits per day. After leaving the portal team at Comcast, I took a position as Manager of Advanced Engineering and created Comcast's first Instant Messaging application.
I was a partner of D2 Media for about 2 years. We developed the company into the premier web engineering and design services company in central PA. While there I worked on a number of fascinating projects such as StarPolish.com, Messiah College, Harrisburg Chamber of Commerce, HAP, Strine Printing, and Talent Fusion. The company continues to be successful and develop great sites and products. D2Media recently changed their name to "andCulture".
Truth Solutions Group
TSG was my first venture with 4 fellow student in my freshman year of college. We did provide website development and hosting, however I primary goal was to create online calendaring software for non-profit organizations. Eventually almost the entire team became employees of my next venture at D2 Media.